John Frisk's earlier days in the store of legendary
antique dealer, Rose Cummings

Evearts prepares certified Appraisal Reports in accordance with current industry
standards. The Reports are utilized for personal use, submission to insurance
companies, as well as for submission to attorneys and accountants. Our Appraisal  
Report types include; replacement value, fair market value, distribution, inventories,
charitable donations, decedents’ estates and tax assessments.

Our clients include; private individuals, large companies, law firms, banking
institutions, accountants, tax professionals, historic societies, and museums.
We assist clients with small, medium and larger scale assignments.

We are qualified to appraise jewelry, gemstones, diamonds, and timepieces. We also
appraise antiques, fine art, paintings, sculpture, furniture, furnishings, collectibles,
sterling silver flatware, antique weapons, American coins and paper currency.

In order to best assess the potential project, we will schedule a cursory walk-through or
brief review of the selected items and provide a verbal opinion and/or suggestions as to
the client’s options. We will then forward an estimate of the time we believe it will take
to complete the Appraisal / Valuation Assignment. Such fee is based on a flat, hourly
rate for professional time and
not upon a percentage of the property value.

An appointment will be scheduled to conduct the data collection and examination upon
acceptance of our proposal. That day one can expect us to; thoroughly examine,
photograph, take dimensions or measurements and collect any provenance or
background information on the items selected for us to value (on site or otherwise).
We will complete the research at our offices and present the client with the
Certified Reports / Appraisal within a specified time frame.

Each Appraisal we produce is a notarized, industry approved, self-contained Report
utilizing all of Evearts Jewelers and appraisers and para-professionals. For the
convenience of our clients, an electronic version of the Appraisal is available upon
request as well.

The APPRAISAL DIVISION of the firm follows in the professional manner of
George's father, John Frisk who in 1963 founded and operated his own successful,
highly regarded appraisal firm (Frisk & Borodin Appraisers) for over 45 years in Center
City, Philadelphia. Mr. Frisk also founded the famed Fine Arts Company, which
merged with the other premier auction house in Philadelphia. Rewind to the late 1950’s
in a bustling New York City and a chance encounter with legendary antique dealer and
designer, Rose Cummings. Their days at auction houses blossomed into a steadfast
friendship. It seemed both shared an exacting eye for antiques, fine art and jewelry.
Today, one might find Mr. Frisk sharing his expertise and wisdom
at the Evearts offices in his typical, jovial fashion.